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UUTH Nurses Assault Update: NAON Statement On Reumption Of Duties
Date Posted: 22/May/2020
Let me clarify us on why Nurses had to resume work at UUTH following series concerns by our Colleagues.
First... It is an empathetic step aimed at saving the lives of the innocent patients.
Secondly... There is a protocol in labour law( according to ILO conventions) before any Union can embark on strike. One of whom is that they must be a demand and a time frame given to the authority to meet any such demands. This is to be closely followed by a notice of warning strike and actual warning strike and then the main strike only when the authority concern had not treated the issues.
These steps were not followed abinitio.
The withdrawal of service was a spontaneous one which was not being contemplated and no one expected such aggressive step from NANNM at this time. This action alone had sent a strong signal to the authorities who had already concluded plans to downplay the issue. 
It was one of the best steps ever taken by any trade Union in history in the face COVID 19 pandemic. Hence the need for us to stand by our leaders. 
I have personally not seen NANNM with this level of aggression before in this state.
The highpoint of the process was going to press to address the issues and educating the public about the issue. It is a technical position to say ... We were not on strike but we only withdrew services( a valid defence inline with ILO treatise). 
However, the official process has been commenced and and we are advised to be calm but watchful.
We have engaged the Unit and State Chairmen accordingly through phone calls to register our solidarity on the premise that "INJURY TO ONE IS INJURY TO ALL" We have also followed same with official letters.
Meanwhile, the Leadership of NAON appreciate you all for your unwavering support for our Colleagues in UUTH and the Nursing community at large.
It is important to clarify this so that we can speak from the position of knowledge and not ignorance of the procedures.
Finally ... let me advice  us to stick to our core duties. Be professional in doing your job.
Nurses are not accountants... don't collect bills. 
You are not a security officer.... Please stick to your job descriptions and document/communicate accordingly.
I pray the spirit of unity of purpose we have seen so far be sustained and we hope for better days for the profession. Play your part!
Chairman NAON


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