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Apply and Write The NCLEX in Just 5 Months: Step-by-Step Guide for Nigerian Nurses
Date Posted: 02/Sep/2019

Are you ready to begin your new career as an RN in the United States but currently lack the info and process to help you achieve your goal of applying for the National Council Licensure Examination, commonly referred to as the NCLEX

Passing NCLEX is your key to getting a nursing license in any U.S. state. Once you are successful in the NCLEX licensure exams, you hold a higher bargaining stance with international nursing recruiting and immigration agencies that would then assist with placing you with a high paying international nursing job, including completing all U.S required documentations, obtaining a permanent residency visa, family relocation etc

Dont be fooled, excluding flight fares to either India, Philippines or U.S to write the exams, You require only N250,000 to apply for the NCLEX as shown below:

1. Application Fees for licensure to State Board of Nursing (N36,000)

2. Fingerprint/ Criminal Background Check Fees (N12,000)

3. Credential Evaluation Service (CES) Fee only (N130,000)

4. Pearson VUE Registration Fees for issuance of Authorization to Test (ATT) and exams administration (N72,000)

Considering the poor remuneration nurses earn in Nigeria, you can actually spread and pay these fees over months, up till one (1) year to ease the financial burden. For example, by committing N50,000/ month, you are able to offset the fees in just 5 months, or alternatively committing N25,000/ month, you should be able to complete the necessary fees in 10months.

The advantage of this flexibility in installmental fee payment is that it affords nurses ample time (months) to save up the fees and also quality time to study and prepare adequately while the application process is ongoing. 

Our research have shown that most nurses who tried applying for the NCLEX, end up choosing a wrong state board of Nursing to file thru and get stuck midway due to stringent requirements from some state BON such as IELTS, Social Security Number etc. You don’t require writing the IELTS or CGFNS Examination to apply. Other applicants choose to apply through a U.S board of nursing based on popularity of the state, dream work destination etc only to find out that their choice ultimately delay their application

We recommended four state boards to apply thru: Northern Mariana Island, Illinois, Texas, and New Mexico. It’s important to remember that the state board with which you choose to take the NCLEX is not necessarily the state you will end up working in. Instead, your work assignment will likely depend on which facility selects you. Regardless of the U.S. license you obtain, you will apply for endorsement of license for the state in which you end up being assigned.

NCLEX application also requires that your credentials are evaluated. We recommend using CGFNS credentialing service as this also makes it a lot easier to apply for U.S. Visascreen service.

Nclex nigeria nurses

Here is the good news:

The Nursingworld NCLEX team is here to guide you throughout the entire application process and assist with scheduling your NCLEX examination. Our experienced NCLEX team would also provide you with resources and materials to prepare for the NCLEX exam while the application process progresses thru the months. You can also join the Nursingworld NCLEX TELEGRAM GROUP for review classes and frequent updates.

Take that bold step today to begin your new career as an RN in the United States. 

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