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UNTH Student Nurses: We Are Tired Of Living Our Lives Like Hooligans!!!
Date Posted: 20/Mar/2017
Student Nurses of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital have had their fill of "managing" the facilities and inconsistencies in their school of nursing.
In a mail sent to us at Nursingworld Nigeria, they stated that they had no other recourse than to let the world know of their plight and to make the management sit up. Below are a few of what they described as part of their daily routine:
- We do not have a steady water supply to the school but we are also expected to keep our white uniforms clean and sparkling! 
- There is no means of transportation (ie school bus) to our facility which is quite far from our hostels, yet expected to be there on time. 
- No stipend while other federal school of nursing receive theirs. 
- Irrational school authority when it comes to punishments meted out to us the students sometimes we have to wonder if we are still in secondary school. Kneel down, raise hands and such...
- We wonder if other healthcare providers while learning in their schools like the pharmacists, med lab scientists and medical doctors are asked to scrub toilets like orderlies.
- Every night we read in darkness with lamps and candles and are expected to pass with good grades. 
These and many more we suffer....
We are totally fed up


"Nurses are GREAT, Nurses are CARING, An epitome of HUMILITY to SERVICE, We are specially ordained for this VOCATION, YES AM PROUD TO BE A NURSE!!!

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